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Big firm results with small firm efficiencies.
  Our Firm

Who We Are
When it comes to law firms, bigger does not mean better.  Regardless of a firm’s size, most litigated cases are competently staffed with one to three lawyers and a paralegal.  Our firm is able to deliver that same case staffing – with skill and work product that matches, and usually exceeds, any “mega” law firm. 

Moreover, as a boutique litigation firm, we’re not saddled with the tremendous overhead that forces larger firms to charge eye-popping hourly rates.  We do our jobs more effectively, more efficiently, and with greater energy than our competitors – large or small.  The bottom line for our clients is they receive the highest quality legal services, delivered at optimum cost.

We’re a boutique law firm focused on representing business owners and policyholders in insurance coverage and commercial disputes.  Unlike larger firms that litigate with no regard for results or the bottom line, we focus on solving our clients’ problems.  If that solution demands litigation, we litigate.  But if we can craft a less expensive and faster (but equally effective) solution, we’ll solve the problem that way.  Whatever the problem, we do what it takes to solve it.

Our firm is comprised of professionals committed to solving client problems effectively and efficiently.  We’re equally comfortable in a courtroom – litigating a case to resolution, or in a conference room – negotiating a case to settlement.  In either case, our goal is singular – to define and achieve our clients' objectives.

dashlineHow We Do Things
Our stock-in-trade is problem solving. 
We solve our clients’ legal problems in “3-D.”

  • We Define.  At the outset of every engagement, we ask our clients to define their objectives for us.  For some clients, the objective is a monetary recovery.  For others, the goal is enforcing a legal right.  But whatever the client’s objective, we aim to achieve it efficiently.  With that in mind, we make sure we fully understand our client’s objectives before we start work on a case.

  • We Design.  Once we understand our client’s objectives, we design a legal solution plan to achieve those specific objectives.  The cases we work on are complex, involve significant dollars, and often implicate legal questions that have never been answered.  Off-the-shelf legal “blueprints” don’t exist for our clients.  We craft custom solution plans designed to achieve client objectives – always with an eye on the bottom line.

  • We Deliver.  The rubber hits the road with delivery.  Our success is measured by our ability to deliver results to our clients that meet – or exceed – their stated objectives.  We have consistently delivered those results, and then some.  We do this through hard work, dedication to the cause, and creative thinking.  We do not discriminate based on the size of the dispute.  We aim to deliver on every case for every client.

Every professional at Harper | Hayes PLLC commits to this “3-D” philosophy.  Similarly, every case we handle for every client is governed by this “3-D” philosophy from beginning to end.


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